Noah's Story

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

October 2007

Just 3 short months into our new house and trying to start a family, I was beginning to feel the pressure of baby making. I had just read about Noah (in Genesis) and something that stuck out to me that day was Noah's reaction when he first began his new life in a brand new world (after the flood). The first thing Noah did was worship the Lord. I could so relate to that story because I too had recently been faced with a major life change (moving into our first house). I didn't know what to do, so I knew I had no other choice but to turn to Jesus for comfort and peace. I knew that He was the only one that could calm my fears. This was true in Noah's life too. He was certainly unsure of what he was supposed to do and had no other choice but to fall on his knees and seek the Lord. His family had just been saved from destruction...he had so much to be thankful for! I too had so much to be thankful for. I was married to the man of my dreams, living in our first home, preparing to start a family, loving my job as a didn't get much better!

This time of transition taught me a valuable that I continue to be reminded of now....Jesus is the only steady and constant thing in my life. When we first started this journey of trying to conceive, I was excited, but scared too. I knew that becoming a mother would be a major life change that I could not handle on my own. I prayed then, and continue to pray now, that the Lord would guide my every step and lead me down His path.


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